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Let Not the Sun Go Down…On Your Anger Handbook: 
Practical, Bible-Based Techniques for a Personal Journey of recovery
- Has over 140 pages -


Let Not the Sun Go Down…On Your Anger Workbook: 
Practical, Bible-Based Techniques for a Personal Journey of recovery
- Has over 140 pages -


Pastor Gary Howse, Church on the Way in Santa Clarita, CA writes:

Do you have a problem with anger or not? Then, this handbook and workbook ARE for you. If you are a man, woman, teen, executive, athlete, pastor, day laborer, a domestic manager, politician, deacon on the church board – then this book is for you.


As I reviewed the book, I quickly saw how I needed to participate in the action points, prayers and analysis of my own life to discover and deal with anger issues in my life, particularly when I read the questions offered for the Pastor's Wife.


The authors do an excellent presentation of blending the psychological, practical and spiritual aspects of our complex lives and still bring us to the foot of the Cross, where all our healing and restoration is found.

Read the book from an open heart to hear from God and you will hear Him.




Who are the authors?

John Derenski, MA, MFT, a licensed Christian Marriage and Family Therapist, and 
Patricia Patton, Ph.D, a licensed Christian psychologist. 
Mark Miller MA, MFT, Executive Director - Emerge From Anger.


Who are the editors?

Pastor Dan Broyles, Grace Baptist Church in Saugus, California and 
Pastor Gary Howse, Church on the Way, edited the handbook and workbook.


Who can benefit from the handbook and workbook?

Christian individuals, Sunday school classes, Bible study groups, Christian home gatherings, Christian counselors, pastors, mentors and others who want to help people better manage their anger. It can be helpful for couples and family members, too.


The handbook and workbook help readers to develop a personalized Action Plan, so that God can change their hearts, and not just their behavior. Every chapter includes Pause for Prayer that integrates specific themes from the handbook and workbook. Each lesson has accompanying Bible verses (Action Verses) and sections called, Your Turn: Writing Your Own Personalized Anger Management Book and Workbook that features personal, thought-provoking journal questions. By the time readers finish the workbook, they will have written their own, one-of-a-kind anger management journal, as led by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Handbook and Workbook can be purchased separately.

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See Table of Contents and sample pages by clicking below: 





To order, send a check to: Emerge From Anger, 25050 Peachland Ave. Ste. 255, Santa Clarita, CA 91321. Cost is $25 each book, plus $6 for shipping and tax. To order by email with a credit card:


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Faith-Based Anger Management

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