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Emerge From Anger provides self-referred, court and DCFS approved Parenting and Child abuse classes.  In these classes, we focus on learning new skills which would benefit all parents. The focus is on positive discipline, and a variety of materials are used to teach skills and stimulate discussion from the members.  The focus will vary depending on the clients in attendance, and every effort is made to tailor the material to the individual member. The number of sessions depends on the referral source and may last up to 52 weeks. This is an opportunity to learn about new techniques to help parents and children reduce stress and improve communication. Whoever said there’s “no manual” for parenting hasn’t seen all the books and materials that are available to help children grow up to be their best. This is a time to help yourself as a parent, because parenting isn’t easy. We try to make the best of court and/or DCFS mandated attendance, and have “something for everyone” to benefit.  


You must schedule an individual evaluation prior to attending class.


An intake evaluation is $65, and the weekly group is $35.  

Parenting class: Tuesday at 5PM  


The class is facilitated by the executive director, Mark Miller, M.A., LMFT, who has been in practice for over 29 years, and has experienced what Jon Kabat-Zinn, quoting Zorba the Greek, called, “house, kids, marriage… the full catastrophe”.  


Call Mark Miller at 661.255.6634 and/or text/call his cell phone 818.631.2617 for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.

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Parenting And Child Abuse Classes

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