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Anger Management: Making a “Let It Rest” Box

Do you need anger management tools to help you cope with a situation that cannot change or will not change in the near future? Maybe you are going through a conflicted divorce or custody fight. Or, maybe you are dealing with job stress or a difficult relationship.

If you are struggling to cope with an ongoing stressful situation, make a “Let It Rest” Box. Start off by taking any size box and decorating it. You can make the box as creative and colorful as you want.

When you’re frustrated, worried, sad, angry, etc., write about the situation on a piece of paper. Put the paper in the box to symbolize that you’re letting your feelings “rest” for now. The box it a good place to let feelings “rest” if a situation cannot change or will not change in the near future.

You can “visit” your “Let It Rest Box” whenever you want. This anger management exercise helps to build frustration tolerance and decrease your anxiety.

The Emerge from Anger program offers voluntary and court-ordered domestic violence and anger management classes in Newhall, California. The classes are court-approved and certified by the Los Angeles County’s Probation Department’s Domestic Violence Monitoring Unit. For more information about our anger management and domestic violence classes, call our executive director, Mark Miller, MFT, at (661) 255-6634.

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